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 Cookie Commute:
How we get our sweet treats to you 

At Chocolate Chips & Cinnamon, we understand that sometimes the craving for fresh-baked cookies can strike like lightning. That's why we offer two fantastic options for our local folks: Pick-up and local delivery.

For those who prefer their treats delivered to their doorstep, our nationwide delivery service will make your sweet dreams come true.

Local Delivery: 3 Dozen Minimum

email us the request details:

You can always swing by and grab your order the next day. Just remember, all our cookies are fresh-baked to order, ensuring you always get the freshest and most delicious treats. We're your cookie fairy godmother, granting wishes in the form of giant, delectable delights! Please note that it takes a minimum of 24 hours from ordering to delivery to ensure everything is baked to perfection.

Pickup in Sherman Oaks: Minimum 1 dozen

we'll email the pickup details after you order:

Shipping - Continental U.S. : Minimum 1 dozen

Guess what? We've got good news and even better news. The

good news is we ship our cookies all across the U.S. The better news? We're lightning fast! In most cases, your order will zoom out of our kitchen and be on its merry way to you by the very next day. All orders will ship 2-day air. In order to maximize freshness, orders will ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to avoid weekend delays. So, if you order Wednesday through Sunday your orders will not ship until Monday. But rest assured, it'll be worth the wait.

We are all about making your cookie dreams come true, even in a pinch! While we typically take a minimum of 24 hours to bake your order to perfection, we understand that cookie emergencies can happen. If you find yourself in a situation, drop us a line and ask. We'll do our best to work our baking magic and accommodate your sweet cravings. After all, we believe that a cookie craving should never go unanswered!

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