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🍪 Our Cookie Policy 🍪

Welcome to our cookie wonderland! We've got some sweet ground rules to ensure your cookie experience is as delightful as possible:

1. Cookies Are Sold by the Dozen

Sorry, folks, we deal in dozens! You can either grab one of our two assorted dozens to keep things exciting or, if you've found your soul-cookie, go all in with 12 of the same kind. After all, more cookies, more happiness!

2. Orders Under 3 Dozen - Sherman Oaks Pickup

If you're rocking under 3 dozen cookies (hey, we won't judge if you're having a cozy night in), our Sherman Oaks location is ready for your pickup party. As for shipping, it's like Santa's sleigh – coming soon! We'll spill the beans on the pickup deets once we receive your order.

3. 3 Dozen or More - Delivery or Pickup

Delivery or Pickup Galore For those of you going big or going home with 3 dozen cookies or more, the world is your cookie oyster! We can deliver them right to your door or have them ready for pickup. Just drop us an email with your request, and we'll make it happen. We're all about the "yum" convenience!

4. Parties and Special Events

Got a shindig, soiree, or soirée coming up? We can make it extra sweet! Shoot us an email at: with all your cookie dreams, and we'll be in touch faster than a cookie disappears in our office – and trust us, that's quick!

So, there you have it, folks – the rules of the cookie jar. We can't wait to bake up a storm for you! 🍪✨


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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